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Aashirvaad Salt to encourage Rath Yatra devotees for a pledge with its ‘Aashirvaad Iodine Ka Chheenta’ initiative

Kolkata, 06 July 2024: Aashirvaad Salt is all set to celebrate Puri Rath Yatra 2024 with its unique initiative, ‘Aashirvaad Iodine ka Chheenta’. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness about Iodine and encouraging devotees to take a pledge to include iodized salt in their daily diet.

Iodine is an essential micronutrient the body needs for normal growth, brain development and thyroid function. Studies show that iodine is required for cognitive function and overall mental well-being. ‘Aashirvaad Iodine ka Chheenta’, has been designed to create awareness among devotees on the importance of iodine intake and empower them to make informed choices about their dietary practices.

As part of the campaign, devotees at the festival will be applied a special Tilak on their forehead. This Tilak is infused with organic chandan and iodine tincture, designed to get absorbed by the body thereby providing them with an iodine dose. More importantly, they will be encouraged to take a pledge of consuming an iodised salt like Aashirvaad Salt as part of their regular dietary routine which shall help support their iodine requirements.

On their visit to the location near Bada Sankha More, Grand Road, Puri, consumers can spot the ‘tilak manas’ (boys with iodine tilak trays) or drop by the Aashirvaad Salt stall to receive their share of the blessed “Aashirvaad Iodine ka Chheenta”.

Stall for Aashirvaad Salt will be open for visitors from 7th July 2024 onwards.

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